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FAQ's about Long Crack Repair

Exactly what kind of crack is repairable?

Most consumers are surprised to learn that a single line crack

up to 14 inches can be repaired. EVEN IF GOES TO THE EDGE AS MOST CRACKS DO! Some are simply unaware of

this option. Some have been misinformed by unscrupulous

auto glass companies trying to sell them a windshield they do

not need. Our patened Long Crack Repair process  will stop the

crack from growing, restore the integrity of the glass, and is

permanent. After your windshield is repaired the crack will have

a much thinner, more faint appearance, looking similar to a light

scratch. We have been repairing Long cracks in windshields 

for over 30 years and all repairs come with a 10 year money

back guarantee. So do you need a repair or a replacement?

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions that should help you with that decision.....






A long crack is repairable if it's made of one single line, not multiple lines and is 14 inches or less. The crack does not have

to be straight, it can be crooked, swerving left and right,  "L" 

shaped ect... Usually the crack will emanate from a small stone

chip or star break, and go to the edge of the windshield. 

How do you repair the crack?

We have tools that inject an acrylic resin under pressure into the entire

length of the crack. After the crack is filled we cure the resin with our 

uv lights. The process takes 45 minutes to an hour to complete. Once 

we are finished the car is ready to drive imediatly. All work is done at your home or business.

Why don't most other auto glass companies

repair long cracks?


Most auto glass companies want to sell new windshield installations

because it's more profitable to them than repair. They may do small 

stone ding repairs because those only take 15 to 20 minutes to 

complete.  Long Crack Repair is more complicated and takes much

longer, about 45 minutes to an hour: average price 78.00 dollars.

In the time that takes to repair a long crack  an entire windshield can be 

installed at an average price of 275.00. Hence, it's in their interest to 

sell you a new windshield, even if you don't really need one. 

For ar free estimate,text us a picture of your windshield crack at: 



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