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FAQ's About Windshield Repair And Replacement

Why don't I just buy one of those windshield repair kits I see on line or at the auto parts store and do it myself ?

Unfortunately those cheap kits sold in auto part stores and on line simply don't work.  These epoxy products are not used by professionals and haven't been since the 1970s. The resins used now are much more advanced and complex acrylic polymers. Furthermore, they don't tell you that you need a drill and special bits to do windshield repair properly. These kits don't include a drill and specialized bits. Also not included is an injector apparatus that will inject the resin under the appropriate amount of pressure. There's no way completely fill the entire stone break with resin. If it's not completely filled IT'S NOT REPAIRED.  Worst of all, once you've made an attempted to do a repair with one of these cheap kits and failed, the break will be contaminated and won't be repairable ever again. Save your money and call a professional. 

Some windshield companies have told me that if the stone damge is in the drives viewing area it  can't be repaired and the glass has to be replaced. Is that true?

This is not true. Unfortunately there are some dishonest people in our business. Anyone that tells you this is just trying to sell you a windshield that you absolutely don't need. Some very large, nationwide auto glass companies tell this lie to their customers every day...shocking! There is no law on the books that states this. Here is what the true story is:

You can get a ticket for having an "unsafe windshield". We've all occasionally seen a person driving their car around with long sprawling cracks throughout the windshield. These are the kind of people that get tickets for an "unsafe windshield". When you have stone damage repaired professionally the integrity of the glass is restored and the appearance of the damaged area is reduced greatly. The idea that a repair will somehow interfere with the driver's visibility is preposterous. If you hear this nonsense hang up the phone and keep dialing.


Is there anyway to make stone damage on my windshield disappear ?

There is no technology available to make stone damage on your windshield completely disappear.

When a rock hits your windshield it makes a permanent etching in the glass. If repaired by a professional, with the right equipment and high 

quality resin, the appearance of the damaged area should be greatly improved. A faint ghost of the break usually all that is left behind. More

intense breaks will result in more scaring.

Windshield repair is our specialty so we keep up

with the latest technology . Stay away from car washes and gas stations you won't find a good repair there. Cheap kits and resins are what they use. See our Yelp reviews from happy customers.















Can you do a windshield replacement or repair at my place of work?

Most of the windshield installation and repair work 

we do is at the customer's place of business. Everything we need to do our job is on our trucks.

There are some business locations where we can

not do this kind of work , but that's not the case 

most of the time.

What do you mean by long crack repair and why don't 

most other auto glass companies repair long cracks?

We can repair a single line crack up to 14 inches

long. For more information about this subject

see: About Long Crack repair

What is a rain sensor and what does it have to do with my windshield?

The rain sensor is a device that activates your windshield wipers automatically when it starts to rain. Most people don't know they have one as it has to be turned on to work. The rain sensor is mounted to the windshield in the area of the rear view mirror. To install the correct windshield we need to know if you have this device because it changes the mirror mount. See photos of rain sensors and lane departure devices

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