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Windshield Repair Prices

windshield repair

*Stone break repair up to 1 1/2 inch in diameter...$70.00

*Second stone repair break on same vehicle........$10.00 per

*Single Line windshield crack repair up to 14 inches..$85.00



Text us a picture of your windshield damage for a free estimate...(949) 433-0247


*All repairs come with a money back guarantee  

*All repairs done at your home or business

*Stone break repair time- Approx. 20 minutes

*Long crack repair time- Approx. 45 minutes

*A travel charge is applicable to some cities.

Orange County Auto Glass Repair has been providing professional, high quality windshield repair and replacement since 1993.  Our exclusive repair process allows us to repair windshield damage that most companies won’t touch.  We can repair a single line crack up to 14 inches long and stone dings up to the size of a fifty cent piece. Saving your windshield from being replaced is our highest priority. Repairing your windshield instead of replacing it saves you hundreds of dollars, maintains  the integrity of the factory seal, is green friendly as less glass is added to landfills, and will avoid common problems that occur during windshield replacement. Don’t replace your windshield until you call us first!   

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